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AirMed&Rescue March 2019 Issue out now

In this issue of AirMed&Rescue, you will find the usual news and special reports, along with in-depth features on surf rescue extraction techniques; best practice for transporting patients with brain injuries, and what survival kit is essential for HEMS teams. We’ve got contributions from industry experts such as Healix International and ER24, and an important message about safety in HEMS operations from Jonathan Godfrey.

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Helmet standards in the US

Helipad innovation

Transferring patients with traumatic brain injuries

Aviation life support equipment

Best practices in surf-based rescue scenarios

Repatriation of patients with mental health problems

Never forget - Survival of an air medical helicopter crash

Interview: Mikko Dahlman, CopterSafety

Patient safety: the number 1 priority

Profile: Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin

Case study: AirLec Ambulance