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AMR Issue 91


Electric avenue - Electronic flight bags are changing how pilots work

Night riders - The ever-increasing availability of night vision imaging systems onboard helicopters and the regulations surrounding them

I, robot helicopter - The latest generation of helicopters are lighter, faster and better equipped

Special Reports:

Cost of medical transport in Florida come under scrutiny

Focus on helicopter evacuations in Nepal

AirMed&Rescue Magazine attended the 2018 annual Air Centric Personnel Recovery Course (APROC) at Gilze-Rejin air base, The Netherlands

Aeromedical transport training in Bangkok

Industry Voices:

Creating the right culture - Bruce Webb, Airbus pilot, offers his thoughts on leadership and the culture of safety for crewmembers

Working to the limit - Fatigue management in the world of international medical repatriations


Capital Air Ambulance

AIUT Alpin Dolomites

Airbus Helicopters

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