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AirMed&Rescue Issue 93 out now

The latest issue of AirMed&Rescue Magazine is now available to read online!

Included in this issue are:

•Current techniques for transporting patients suffering from acute mental health disturbance
•The options for treating gunshot wound victims
•Analysis: should air ambulances be staffed by doctors or paramedics?
•A report from an Australian trial using drones to deliver blood products to accident sites
•The UK Royal College of Nursing reports on its Flight Nursing Workshop
•Interview with EURAMI’s new Interim Managing Director Claudia Schmiedhuber
•CAMTS latest policy updates

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Interview: When experience counts

Provider Profile: FinnHEMS

Special Report: Drone Doctors

Special Report: Education and the exchange of information

Industry Voice: CAMTS-CAMTS EU announces policy updates

Staffing questioned for new Irish HEMS

Managing a combative patient in-flight

Traumatic times: The increase in gunshot injuries