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AirMed&Rescue out now

The latest issue of AirMed&Rescue Magazine is now available to read online!

In this issue:

•Swiftwater rescue techniques
•Next-generation medical interiors for helicopters and planes
•Developments in aviation communications technology
•The future of combat rescue helicopters in the US Air Force
•Combining virtual training with reality

We’ve also got interviews with Dave Kelly, nominee for Air Ambulance Pilot of the Year in the UK, and Mark Delaney, General Manager of Toll Helicopters. Our Medical Insight piece in this issue is from Drs Jon Warwick and Neil Crooks of Air Alliance MedFlight, who discuss how cabin altitude can affect patients with respiratory illnesses.

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Swiftwater rescues: Part II

Medical aircraft interior design developments

The future of USAF combat rescue helicopters

Are UAVs the future of search and rescue?

The future of emergency medic training

Profile: Dave Kelly, Co-Pilot, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

Profile: Mark Delany, General Manager of Toll Helicopters

Provider Profile: California Highway Patrol’s Air Operations

Provider Profile: AeroMD

The effects of cabin pressurisation on patients with respiratory conditions

Developments in aviation communications and technology