Portuguese Air Force to receive five Embraer KC-390s

Embraer KC-390
Embraer KC-390, as purchased by the Brazilian Air Force, soon to be delivered to the Portuguese Air Force

The Portuguese Government is to purchase five Embraer KC-390 aircraft for the Portuguese Air Force, which will be used for a range of missions, including medical evacuation (medevac), search and rescue (SAR) and aerial firefighting

The KC-390 is a twin-engine jet-powered tactical tanker and is designed for humanitarian support, medevac, SAR, firefighting, cargo and troop transport, aerial delivery and aerial refuelling. The aircraft achieved Civil Certification from the Brazilian National Aviation Agency in 2018 and the Brazilian Air Force is the launch operator with a contract for 28 aircraft that are expected to be delivered throughout the remainder of 2019.

Delivery to the Portuguese Air Force is scheduled to begin in 2023.