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Issue 82 - FEB/MARCH 2017 - PDF download

Bye bye Buffalo

The RCAF’s new FWSAR contract to the rescue

Full tilt, shared cost

Adopting tiltrotor aircraft for SAR

APROC 2016

Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operative Course

The Black Raiders

Italian Air Force’s new CSAR helicopters

Provider profile:

European Air Ambulance, Luxembourg

Issue 81 - Dec 2016/Jan 2017 - PDF download

ITIC Global 2016

Air ambulance sessions, award

Hurricane Matthew

Winds and rain lash Haiti and the US

Through the clouds

IFR to extend options in HEMS

DAA’s surveyed landing sites

Community engagement aids night ops

The tender trap

SAR and medevac contract design

Issue 80 - Oct/Nov 2016 - PDF download

First class ICU?

Critical repatriations on commercial flights

Into thin air

The effects of altitude on helicopter rescue crews

Faded frivolity

Angel MedFlight goes soft on ‘bedside-to-bedside’ trademark

Louisiana floods

Air support at hand to help those trapped

Interview: Annabel Toogood

Managing director, New Zealand Air Ambulance Service

Issue 79 - Aug/Sept 2016 - PDF download

Rescues from the waves

SAR pick-ups from seas and oceans

Industry welcomes drone regs

New FAA rules open skies to SAR drones

Provider profile: Fort Irwin Dustoff

Medevac at the National Training Center

Brexit beckons

The impact on the air medical sector

Personal profile: Dr Adam Chesters

East Anglian Air Ambulance

Issue 78 - July 2016 - PDF download

Police Aviation special edition

Lifted into the light

Hoist rescue: the case for light single-engine helicopters

Green lighting blue-light ops

ALEA/PSAAC fills public aviation standards void

Provider Profile:

The New Jersey State Police Aviation Bureau

Choosing your drone

UAV shopping for police and emergency services

GlobalMedic goes airborne

UAVs in disaster relief

Issue 77 - June 2016 - PDF download

The gift of life

Air transport of organs for transplant

Fashion vs function

Fire resistant clothing in the HEMS industry

Provider Profile:

The Association of Air Medical Services

Drone safety

Keeping our shared air space a safe air space

Aviation induced divorce syndrome

The 10 warning signs, and how to keep it from ruining your life