New H145 for Boston MedFlight

Credit: Jay Miller

Boston MedFlight has received a new H145 from Metro Aviation, under contract with Airbus Helicopters. This is the third aircraft Metro has completed for Boston MedFlight at its Shreveport, Louisiana.

According to Metro, the new H145 is equipped with its EMS Kit and is also MedFlight’s first aircraft equipped with Outerlink’s IRIS system for satellite tracking, push-to-talk radio, flight data monitoring and voice and video recording.

Charles Blathras, Chief Operations Manager for Boston MedFlight, praised the aircraft’s safety features before adding: “We have GPS approaches throughout the city of Boston, so the four-axis autopilot is a useful feature and the robust engines provide a significant margin of safety. The majority of landings at our receiving hospitals in the city are made on rooftops. We’ve had our eye on the H145 for a long time.”

Boston MedFlight is due to have two more H145s completed by Metro, which will bring its total fleet number to three H145s, an S-76 and a King Air 200.

Blathras Praised Metro, saying that it produces a ‘high-end product’ and that their customer support has been ‘invaluable’. “If we aren’t flying, people in our service area aren’t getting transported when they need us the most, and Metro is very responsive to our needs. They do a great job keeping us in the air,” he said.

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