Aerometals receives FAA approval for H130 IBF


Aerometals has received Federal Aviation Administration approval for its H130 (EC130T2) Engine Inlet Barrier Filter System (IBF). A next generation design, Aerometals has utilised the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling software to create an efficient an effective IBF design.

The company describes the product as ‘a truly a next generation product’. “While Engine inlet Barrier Filters have been around for decades, and proven themselves as the most effective means to protect engine health, the design methods have largely remained the same. Aerometals has utilized the latest generation of Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling software to create the most efficient & effective IBF design on the market. By modeling the airflow Aerometals engineers were able to ensure that the entire filter was being utilized. This enabled design iterations that led to reduction in filter area, creating the most efficient and effective design possible.”


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