Airport pledges free fuel to EHAAT

Creit: EHAAT

London Luton Airport (LLA), UK, has agreed to provide free fuel to any Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust (EHAAT) helicopters that land at the airport. Private operator Harrods Aviation has also agreed to waive all landing charges and handling costs for the air ambulance charity.

While the airport has never charged landing fees for emergencies at the airport, the new agreement will mean that EHAAT can use the airport as a pitstop, meaning quicker response times to the surrounding area.

“As a charity we are grateful for all the support we get to keep us flying and we are always looking for ways of supporting our essential costs,” Cliff Gale, Operations Director of EHAAT, said. “This gesture from LLA and Harrods Aviation is particularly welcome as it comes from two organisations in the aviation world that we work closely with.”

Head of Airside at LLA, Liam Bolger, praised the work EHAAT adding: “Covering the cost of fuel is our way of saying thank you to this fantastic charity and we hope that this will help EHAAT to continue with its life-saving work.”


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