CrewID® System expands its reach to medical crewmembers

Michael Sundheim, CEO of CrewID

In an effort to streamline the verification and facilitation of flight crew and ground crewmembers globally, CrewID® developed the CrewID® Badge and ID Credentialing System. This is a physical badge that ties to an online system which provides the aviation industry with an identification platform for operators, officials, FBOs, MROs, and flight crews. The CrewID® System verifies data in real time, providing relevant information on the badge holder, including: qualifications, training certifications, employment status, job position and associated permissions. In its latest release on August 21, 2018, CrewID® released medical titles to the list of available job positions, expanding its reach to assist Aeromedical operations.

Michael Sundheim, CEO of CrewID®, explained more about the direction of the company: “From inception, we have been filling gaps in the way our industry identifies crewmembers and that is what we will continue to do. The addition of medical titles is only the beginning.” The medical crewmember positions to choose from are: Paramedic, Nurse, Physician and Respiratory Therapist (RT). These are displayed on the CrewID® badge with distinguishing marks.

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