Nevada Division of Forestry acquires hoist capability

The hoist in action. Credit: NDF

The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF), US, has announced the purchase of a new helicopter hoist system for one of its helicopters that has been bought to assist with rescuing both members of the public and injured firefighters.

“NDF, working with co-operators, is very excited to roll this new equipment out for the safety and wellbeing of firefighters in Nevada,” said Kacey KC, State Forester Firewarden at the Nevada Division of Forestry. “This equipment is critical in supporting our mission of protecting life and property in our great state.”

Wildfires often affect the Nevada area, and the NDA says that firefighting efforts over the years have prompted several situations in which firefighters have had to be aerially evacuated. The service says that the newly installed system is the quickest and most effective method for NDF crews to access and rescue individuals, supporting the best possible outcomes for the injured victim.

It has been reported that the hoist itself was paid for by the State of Nevada, whilst the harness and lift baskets were purchased through a US Forest Service grant.

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