Viking launches AUP for Canadair fleet

Canadair CL-415. Wikimedia Comms

Canada-based Viking Air Limited (Viking) has launched an Avionics Upgrade Programme (AUP) for the Canadair CL-215T and CL-415 fleet of aerial firefighting aircraft, which will incorporate modernised technologies in communications, navigation, surveillance, and air-traffic management functionality in an integrated platform, featuring the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion avionics suite.

The AUP will utilise modern and reliable COTS systems that will easily interface with specialised mission equipment, this will allow the AUP to meet challenges with supportability and end-of-life components inherent with aging technology. The system is designed as a complete integrated solution for a harmonised cockpit that will both meet current regulatory requirements and address future operational and technical requirements over a 25+ year horizon.

Viking explains that the standardised cockpit ‘will feature an ergonomic flight deck with three large LCD displays and low instrument footprint for enhanced Flight Data Visualization, and that this will help reduce pilot workload and provide focused information in a streamlined, simplified cockpit design’.

Viking details the key component of the AUP, as the introduction of the Collins Pro Line Fusion digital avionics suite – a FAR/Part 25 certified scalable software-based system – and notes that the avionics suite’s core configuration features Flight Director, Flight Management System (FMS) coupled with SBAS-GPS and LPV capability, Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS), ADS-B Out, Synthetic Vision, crew alerting system display indicators, and a multi-functional keyboard panel with dual cursor controls providing an alternative to touch screen commands.

Dan Seroussi, Viking’s Customer Service and Product Support Programme Director, stated: “The Canadair Aerial Firefighters are at the heart of Viking’s development strategy. These aircraft have incredible operational capabilities, and their versatility will allow them to accomplish a variety of missions in the future. We’re confident that, not only will the Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics suite help address the obsolescence issues and new regulatory requirements currently facing operators of CL-215T and CL-415 aircraft, it will also extend operators’ fleet longevity for many years to come.”

In addition, Viking’s Vice-President Customer Service and Product Support Gregory Davis added: “The Pro Line Fusion’s advanced technology will be the backbone for the evolution and support of these incredible aircraft for the next 25+ years.” He also noted that the system would also form the basis for any new production aircraft, ‘allowing for seamless interoperability and maintainability between new and legacy aircraft’.

The AUP will initially be offered as an upgrade to operators of CL-215T or CL-415 who can select either a complete modification including the supply and installation of the avionics suite, or as a parts kit for installation by an approved maintenance repair organisation.

Read the full press release from Viking, here.

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