Three-year-old flown for burns care in Turkey

RedStar Aviation of Turkey has reported on a mission it carried out to transfer a three-year-old girl on 13 July who had sustained multiple burns after accidentally pouring a pot of boiling milk over her body.

After assessment and initial care in a local hospital in Tirana, Albania, the treating physician determined the patient had sustained an estimated 50-per-cent body surface area (BSA) burn – primarily located on the chest, back, abdomen and legs. The life-threatening situation gained the attention of the wider community in Tirana and also Prime Minister Edi Rama. After learning more details of the case, Rama promised the family that all expenses for the girls treatment would be covered, said Redstar.

Redstar activated its air ambulance plane TC-CMB, a Learjet 45, and transferred the patient to a specialist burns clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

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