Spectrum Aeromed releases new patient transport unit

Spectrum Aeromed, a US-based manufacturer of air ambulance equipment for both rotor and fixed-wing aircraft, has announced the completion of production of its new 3200 Series Carbon Fiber patient transport unit (PTU).

“We are extremely pleased with the new product and its capabilities,” said Spectrum Aeromed’s vice-president of international sales Horst Heinicke. “The first production unit is permanently installed in a Boeing 777, but certain modular design features allow us the flexible integration into a wide range of different aircraft and applications.”

Spectrum says that the new unit can quickly attach into standard aircraft seat tracks. The unit also features equipment pull-outs, storage drawers, integrated or movable stretcher, and a wide range of medical devices that can be customised to meet specific mission profiles.

The 3200-series unit, according to Heinicke, has the advantage of a higher solidarity at a lower weight system. “The beauty of this new PTU is that it very nicely fits into the contour and appearance of a modern designed aircraft interior,” he said. “Plain surfaces ensure easy cleaning/disinfection and the open overhead structure allows changes in various medical devices for future system upgrades.”

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