Car hoisted from gorge

Frensno Sheriff’s Office, US, has shared drone footage of a mission it recently completed in the Kings River gorge. Two Thai citizens drove into the gorge, and it took the team eight hours to find them and their vehicle. After the car was hoisted out of the river, the bodies were taken by a helicopter crew to a coroner transportation unit.

Other news

A motorist who was injured after driving off a mountain road and falling some 50 m (165 ft).

Under a new agreement, the fixed-wing medical transport providers will co-operate on time-critical missions.

The Exchange was designed to share real-world lessons learned about humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

RACQ CQ Rescue described the mission as a ‘marathon’ five-hour task.

Awesome Air Evac, DFS and TMH Medical Services have announced that they have joined forces to provide an air ambulance service based in Kabul, Afghanistan.