Two young boys were rescued in Inverness, Scotland, by the UK Coastguard ‘just in the nick of time’ after they became stranded in the water at Hopeman East Beach, near Elgin.

Icelandic rescue agency Dalvik Search and Rescue was honoured at the European Emergency Number Association’s annual 112 Awards for the rescue of two cousins stranded on a mountainside in Iceland.


Aaron Smith, Chief Pilot at the Prince George’s County Police department’s aviation division, based in Maryland, US, explains in the new video by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) how ADS-B has helped and enhanced his flying whilst on missions for the department and when he was a military pilot.

He demonstrates the ADS-B system in his aircraft, explain how it can be of use in a busy airspace.

Drone manufacturer DJI recently exhibited its new Zenmuse XT2’s capabilities to assist in firefighting.

US pararescue troopers from the 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron explain why the US Army’s CH-47F Chinook at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan is important to the overall mission in the country.

Aerones, a Latvian-based drone start-up, has shared footage of its new drone which it says could be used for search and rescue, and firefighting exercises.

LifeFlight, based in Utah, US, shared footage of a rescue it performed at Jumpoff Canyon on 24 March.

Footage of an S-92 Coastguard 924 helicopter operating during the recent snow storms in the UK.


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