Team AAR discusses the Falklands SAR contract

Representatives from Team AAR discuss the Falklands SAR contract in a presentation delivered at Helitech, Amsterdam. Moderated by James Paul Wallis, editor, AirMed & Rescue Magazine.

SAR: Case Study – Delivering a commercial search and rescue service to the Falkland Islands
"Marking an industry first, AAR Airlift Group, with partners British International Helicopters and Air Rescue Systems, commenced operations to conduct Search and Rescue (SAR) for the UK Ministry of Defence in the Falkland Islands earlier this year. Team AAR is delivering a highly sophisticated capability to both British forces and the local maritime and civilian community. The programme also premiers the first Civil Aviation Authority approved AW-189s operating in a SAR role. This in-depth case study explains how SAR is being conducted, plus the technical and regulatory means by which a commercial operator may perform these functions, including:

  • An introduction to Team AAR
  • Commercial Maritime Search & Rescue Operation – alert status; personnel rotations and work flow; qualifications required; and role equipment for cold weather operations
  • Operations using the AW189 platform – night vision goggles (NVG); auto pilot; winching; and sensors
  • Working with the Commercial SAR Regulatory Authorities, including EASA / UK CAP999; SAR Approvals; NVG; winching; and low visibility operations
  • Aircrew Training – initial qualifications; role training and proficiency & currency training"

John Butler, Vice President, Business Development, AAR Airlift Group
Robert Jones, SAR Captain AW189, AAR International
Alistair Riches, Commercial Director, British International Helicopters
David Watson, Chief Crewman & Technical Crewman Instructor, Air Rescue Systems
Mark "Willow" Wielopolski, SAR Captain AW189, AAR International


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