AirMed&Rescue spoke to Meredith Staib, CEO of the Royal Flying Doctors (RFDS) Queensland Section, about joining an iconic Australian organisation and embracing new technology to ensure a sustainable future


From cutting-edge tools transforming medical care to emerging public safety solutions, augmented reality (AR) is enabling significant strides in industry and society. Adam Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of Edgybees, discusses the advantages of implementing AR technology in SAR missions


The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has officially retired its ageing fleet of Sea King helicopters, and is ushering in a new era of combat and SAR helicopter with the introduction of the CH-148 Cyclone


Amy Gallagher explains the primary assets that the National Guard used during Hurricanes Harvey and Florence, including aircraft types, personnel from multiple states, and multiple modes of communication, to manage the mobile matrix of required resources, as well as the after action review (AAR) assessments conducted by the Texas Army National Guard (TXANG) and the North Carolina Army National Guard (NCANG)


Dino Marcellino details the development of the Italian Air Force’s primary air rescue asset


What does it take to be a Canadian SAR Tech? AirMed&Rescue reached out to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) to find out more about the unique role of a SAR Technician


Sami Ollila, a rescue swimmer and paramedic with the Finnish Border Guard’s Air Patrol Squadron, shared his thesis with AirMed&Rescue, offering valuable insights into the physiological effects of winching equipment on rescue helicopters



James Paul Wallis examines what can go wrong with neglected helicopter hoist cables and the signs winchmen need to watch out for to ensure optimum safety for rescuer and victims on the end of the line


Eye-tracking technology could be a game changer for helicopter pilot training, giving participants and trainers valuable feedback and ultimately improving safety. Colin Gunn, General Manager, Toll Helicopters and Pat Nolan, General Manager of Aviation Seeing Machines, report on the latest developments in this pioneering sector


Safety discussions in AirMed&Rescue usually centre on pilot training and technological advancements, but keeping the aircraft maintenance staff safe is a vital part of the safety system. Stuart McOnie, Managing Director of Semmco, reflects on the risks to maintenance personnel