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What's coming up in 2019?

Cyber security
Transferring patient information securely between medical providers (inter-hospital transfers, international air ambulance transfers

Treating gunshot wound victims
Do approaches differ internationally?

Keeping current
What are the legal requirements in different countries for a flight paramedic to keep current with hospital work, and should international insurers making use of air ambulance companies ask for proof of currency?

Simulation training, used in conjunction with real-life training
Is using a combination of the two the only way to achieve great training results?

Surf lifesaving in Australia
The latest tactics, techniques and equipment being deployed

Crew equipment - Part 1
Aviation Life Support Equipment – crew survival

Crew Equipment Part 2
Essential kit for medics – what wouldn’t they be without?

Crew equipment Part 3
Flight suits and helmet bags

Helmet safety and quality
For pilots and technical crewmembers – making quality standards for helmets can save lives

Rescue kit Pt 1
This feature will look at the different rescue equipment available to rescue organisations. This should include: Stretchers, strops & baskets

Rescue Kit Pt 2
To include: Hooks, winches & hoists

Controlling spinning loads
Techniques to avoid or prevent spinning of loads during hoist or human external cargo operations. Techniques include the use of anti rotation cables and the operators opening and closing their arms to counter the rotations.

MRO software solutions
How much difference do they make to operators in terms of allowing time for maintenance and fleet management?

Keeping medics current
Should all in-flight medics still work in hospitals to maintain currency?

Mission control systems and emergency management of assets
For police aviation fleet management, keeping control of assets on the ground and in the air is essential to ensure safety and efficiency.

Medevacs from North and Sound Poles
Article describing the unique challenges and logistics of medical evacuations from some of the most challenging terrains and weather conditions a pilot can face

Implementing a safety managment system
What are the primary considerations, and what are the main obstacles? Can technology help?

Helicopter modifications and adaptations
What makes a helo unique to its provider? Why did they choose these specific customisations?

Medication regulations
Taking certain medicines to patients in countries where these strong painkillers may be prohibited or more strictly controlled – where do flight doctors stand with customs agents?

Pre-hospital blood transfusions
Evidence to support this initiative is lacking but nonetheless more providers are doing it

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