ADAC Luftrettung presents the first results of the its newest rescue helicopter

ADAC lufterttung H145

ADAC Luftrettung’s new West Palatinate-based intensive care and rescue H145 helicopter has already been launched more than 300 times since it started service on 2 September, 2019. On average, the helicopter flies three to four operations a day.

The majority of the 306 missions in the West Palatinate were flown in the rescue service area Kaiserslautern - around 70 per cent, mainly in the district of Kusel (around 26 per cent), in the city and district of Kaiserslautern (around 20 per cent) and in the Donnersberg district (around 16 per cent).

Further data shows that in 84 per cent of the cases, the helicopter was sent on rescue missions due to internal emergencies such as acute cardiovascular disease or traffic accidents, strokes, leisure, work and domestic accidents. The remaining 16 per cent was accounted for by intensive care transfer flights from clinic to clinic.

Jens Schwietring, Regional Head of Medicine West and one of the doctors onboard the helicopter, commented: “We have been received very friendly by the people in the West Palatinate. The cooperation with the rescue services on site is very professional. We are also in close contact with the doctors in the clinics in the region in order to further optimize the transfer of patients.”