Astronautics announcements for Badger, RoadRunner


Photo courtesy of the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Astronautics Corporation of America will provide its Badger Pro+ integrated flight display system for Subaru Corporation’s new SUBARU BELL 412EPX, the latest version of the 412 series.

Subaru, in partnership with Bell, is developing the Subara Bell 412EPX which is utilized for UH-X as a replacement for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s UH-1J fleet. 

Astronautics’ Badger Pro+ for the Subaru Bell 412EPX consists of four 6x8-inch, high-resolution displays showing primary flight, navigation, and engine data, as well as system synoptics, weight and balance, and checklist information.  The system displays high-definition video from multiple inputs and provides night vision compatibility. Badger Pro+ integrates information from across all systems on the aircraft to provide an operationally advanced pilot interface. 

Astronautics has also completed an avionics retrofit program on Lockheed Martin’s P-3 Orion Long Range Tracker (LTR) and Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency with its Badger integrated flight display system.

Astronautics is also completing a follow-on full cockpit modernization of an L-100 transport aircraft for the Peruvian Air Force (FAP). The L-100 is a civil version of the C-130. Astronautics is the prime contractor for the FAP Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP). The company is updating the L-100 with its Badger integrated flight display system, providing an integrated glass cockpit designed to maximize crew situational awareness with digital interfaces and displays, enhanced functionality, and additional safety features which provide information such as traffic, terrain, and weather.