Bell reveals AerOS at CES 2020

bell aerOS city night

At CES 2020, Bell revealed AerOS, a digital mobility platform that will give operators a 360° view into their aircraft fleet

By leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT, AerOS provides powerful capabilities like fleet master scheduling and real-time aircraft monitoring, enhancing Bell’s Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) experience. In building AerOS, Bell chose Microsoft’s Azure cloud as the foundation and teamed up with Microsoft’s engineers to gain architectural insight, developer support and best practices.

AerOS is designed to integrate seamlessly into fleet operations; it is a flexible platform that can be tailored to customer requirements. With an extensible API, developers can take advantage of AerOS services like vehicle management, fleet scheduling and real-time telemetry in their applications. “AerOS helps maximize aircraft utility, which is a critical driver for the success of UAM,” said Grant Bristow, Technical Lead, Bell. As a technology company redefining flight, Bell wants to consider the entire mobility ecosystem, and AerOS gives Bell a strong platform to build digital capabilities that create a powerful MaaS offering.