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There is plenty of great original content coming soon in AirMed&Rescue’s 100th issue

AirMed&Rescue’s 100th issue includes a detailed look at operator requirements for MRO software, and the solutions on offer from providers. The move towards paperless maintenance systems continues apace, with developments in system technology making MRO services more streamlined, creating efficiency and saving companies money in the long term.

Meanwhile, Barry Smith considers the challenges of night rescue operations, and speaks to SAR professionals around the world about their tactics, techniques, equipment and training needs for safe and successful mission outcomes.

We spoke to Samir Mehta of Collins Aerospace about developments in airborne special missions technology, and Air Methods discusses the thorny issue of reimbursements for medical flights.

Also coming up, helideck manufacturer Bayards shares their insights into how ICAO regulation changes could affect requirements for helipad firefighting systems, we have a round up of news from APSCON 2019, a look at how drones are changing the way emergency blood supplies are being delivered in Rwanda.