Coptersafety July updates

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European aviation companies Coptersafety and HeliService are to collaborate to provide international qualification for trainee pilots

Coptersafety will offer trainee pilots a minimum of two hours of real flight time, or even more if undergoing initial instrument training. Meanwhile, HeliService’s input allows the trainee pilots to become acquainted with the flight operation activities of an aviation company (immersed with an international team of pilots, technicians, engineers and other specialists) while being looked after by HeliService’s John-Michael Assing, a qualified flight trainer.

“We combine first-class training and a state-of-the-art simulator centre at Coptersafety with the experience of real flight missions in state-of-the-art helicopters at HeliService. These are the ideal conditions for the beginning of an international career as a helicopter pilot,” commented Oliver Freiland, CEO of HeliService.

HeliService provides the training with Leonardo AW169 and AW139 helicopters.

Coptersafety FFS
one of the current Coptersafety AW189 FFS

In other news, Coptersafety’s H125 Level D Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) is soon to finish installation, following the evaluation and approval of the EASA compliance authorities.

The H125 Level D FFS will offer training scenarios and operational training for onshore single-engine helicopter operations in the same way that has already been seen in multi-engine helicopter operations, explained Mikko Kallo, Head of Training and Development at Coptersafety. “When the training is not limited to a set of emergencies, the training will be more efficient and realistic. Using flight simulators in training also reduces risks associated with high-risk training scenarios, for example, flight training for a loss of hydraulic power.”

Airbus H125 Full Flight Simulator Level D from the Coptersafety Training Center YouTube channel

The installation work is done in co-operation with the experts from TRU Simulation + Training, which is the provider of all Coptersafety’s new simulators, and the FFS is expected to be ready for training at the end of August 2019. Booking is already open through Coptersafety’ website.