Digital flight instrument solution from Alpine Aerotech

TCCA approval

Helicopter maintenance and product development company Alpine Aerotech has announced that it have officially secured a TCCA STC (FAA/EASA STC pending) for its digital flight instrument kit applicable to Bell 212 Day/Night VFR operations.

The digital flight instrument kit is specifically designed to replace expensive, unreliable heading and attitude indicators with robust digital versions that have no moving parts to wear out. In addition to the former analog attitude and heading gauges, the installer can also remove the tarsyn/rate gyros, flux valve, remote compensator, compass control, and all associated wiring leaving less components to fail in service. The kit also includes all installation provisions to create a near plug and play solution that requires only minor structural modifications. Aerotech plans to price the kit aggressively in relation to repair/replacement expenses and believes it will become the next obvious upgrade for cost-conscious 212 operators. The kit comes with a complete two-year warranty on all instruments and components.

“Average lead times for ADI/HSI/Gyro repairs are approaching 4 months, and parts are getting more expensive daily” explains Tod Lansing, Manager of Avionics at Alpine Aerotech. “This kit will provide hours of reliable, low-maintenance operation and will ultimately be ready for immediate delivery on request."