Funding for R&D in air medical and air rescue projects

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Germany-based DRF Foundation for Air Rescue is to fund projects that deal with the research and development of innovative methods, new concepts and systems in the field of preclinical emergency and rescue medicine, especially in air rescue. Those interested in funding can now submit their project.

“Since every human life is unique and irreplaceable, we cannot be satisfied with the status quo, but are continuously investing in the further development of emergency medicine and air rescue,” emphasized Dr Rudolf Böhmler of the Foundation Board. The foundation is dedicated to optimizing care in airborne emergency medicine and to increase patient safety and the effectiveness and efficiency in air rescue companies.

From 2020 onwards, research and development work in the field of global emergency medicine and its use in air rescue will be promoted in a larger scale with the financial support of the foundation.

Organizations, universities, companies and individuals can submit their projects to the DRF Foundation for Air Rescue at any time using a form without any major red tape. The applications are co-ordinated and checked on a voluntary basis by a funding committee made up of high-ranking representatives from various social, economic and medical areas. The funding can relate to a wide variety of formats and topics: from classic project funding in the area of ​​intensive care transports to publications on trauma care or scientific theses on patient safety to support with training and further training in medical care for large-scale operations.

Funding can vary depending on the project and applicant. The total funding volume is determined annually by the board of the foundation.