Greetings to Wings Air Rescue

Wings Air Rescue

There’s lots of re-branding happening in the aeromedical industry at the moment, following on from our report on Skyservice Air Ambulance reemerging as SKYALTA, Med Trans Corporation has now announced that it will operating as Wings Air Rescue from its base in Sioux City, Iowa, US

Having long been known as Mercy Air Care, Med Trans explained that the partnership is ending and, as such, they will now be known as Wings Air Rescue. In addition to their rebranding, the company will also be receiving a new aircraft, which will be adorned in the new branding colours, with flight suits to match. The medical director, four pilots and 10 members of medical crew, however, will remain the same.

Programme Director for Wings One (which is to be Wings Air Rescue’s call sign) Mickey Sauser commented: “We were just too vested in this area to walk away from it. So, we felt like for a community this size, for the service area, the best thing for us to do would be to maintain what we’ve done for the community and carry it into the future as well.”