International drone standards proposed

International drone standards proposed

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has put forwards the first ever worldwide standards for the drone industry.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has put forwards the first ever worldwide standards for the drone industry.

The ISO has spent several years putting together the guidelines, consulting with several other global standards institutions. It hopes that the standards will bring ‘new background of reassurance on safety and security’ in the drone industry, meaning more harness the technology.

The ISO Draft International Standards for Drone Operations has now been released for public consultation and the ISO is welcoming feedback from interested parties until 21 January 2019. It hopes that the standards will be adopted during 2019.

“I am delighted that we have now reached the point where the first ever Standards for the global drone industry are ready for public consultation after three years of hard work and international co-operation between ISO, BSI and Standard’s bodies across the world, with final adoption expected in 2019,” said Robert Garbett, Convenor of the ISO Working Group. “These Standards will undoubtedly lead to a new confidence in safety, security and compliance within this dynamic industry, resulting in a massive expansion in the availability and use of drone technology in the years to come.”

The announcement is the first step towards global standardisation, the ISCO said, and addresses specifically the safety, security and etiquette associated with drone use. It said that this is the first of four standards it aims to release for drones, with the further three covering General Specifications, Manufacturing Quality and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM).

“Drones represent a global phenomenon and an unprecedented economic opportunity for any country that embraces the technology. It’s very encouraging that the UK Government is a world leader in recognising the importance of this vital business sector. Informed by the first drone Standards, it is expected that the forthcoming UK Drone Bill, due in early 2019 will create a regulatory framework that allows the industry to flourish in an environment that is both safe and responsible,” added Garbett.