London’s Air Ambulance treats 40,000th patient

Prince William Duke of Cambridge becomes the Patron for London's Air Ambulance Charity
Prince William Duke of Cambridge becomes the Patron for London's Air Ambulance Charity

As of Friday 5th July, London’s Air Ambulance Charity has treated 40,000 patients and so celebrates a milestone in providing helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) to patients across London since 1989

The service operates alongside Barts Health NHS Trust and London Ambulance Service who provide medical staff and infrastructure.

Jackie Sullivan, Chief Executive of the Royal London Hospital, where the charity is based, commented on the momentous occasion: "It is remarkable to see London's Air Ambulance mark this milestone. We are delighted to be part of such a caring and innovative team, which has transformed pre-hospital care and undoubtedly saved many lives. Together we will continue to push boundaries and provide exceptional care for London."

The HEMS charity marks its 30th anniversary this year with the campaign 30 Years Saving Lives, of which the Duke of Cambridge is a Patron. Over the past 30 years, the charity became the UK’s first air ambulance to carry blood on board, as well as performing the world’s first roadside open-heart surgeries and REBOA.

“It is incredibly humbling to pause and reflect on the 40,000 patients that our service has now cared for,” said Gareth Grier, Lead Clinician at London’s Air Ambulance, while also reflecting on those who, unfortunately, did not make it, as well as their families. “We are absolutely focused on how we help our next 40,000 patients using methods that might have seemed impossible 30 years ago,” he continued. “The work of our charity is crucial, and the incredibly generous contributions of all those who have helped us do our work over the last 30 years is treasured by our whole team.” Grier concluded by thanking all of the charity’s supporters.