MRO Insider to launch aircraft maintenance services app

‘Ping’ works for AOG, detailing, parts, and equipment providers, based on live locations

Launching in February 2020, MRO Insider’s mobile app will provide an efficient, cost saving solution to quickly ‘ping’ AOG, parts, detailing, and equipment rental such as hydraulic mules or jack stands from a mobile device or desktop computer. Based on live locations of service providers as well as the aircraft, users can compare hourly rates, ETA to the aircraft, reviews, and other pertinent information via push notifications without paying broker fees or finder’s fees. The app will run on all devices including iOS, Android, tablets, and desktop computers.

Andy Nixon, Co-founder of MRO Insider explained: “With the development and launch of our mobile app, business aviation will finally modernize past the phone call and email SOP to connect with service providers. Too many people are taken advantage of in our industry; an owner/operator shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to make sure they are covered for one AOG event. All services through our app will ping direct to providers, similar to Uber, that handle the services, eliminating any outrageous 3rd party billing practices.” He continued: “The launch of the app will continue building a company culture based on sustainability and connectivity, and our team is excited for 2020 and the future of business aviation. The app’s launch will coincide with the MRO Insider tree-planting program in northern Michigan. For every app download, the team will plant a single tree, with additional tree planting incentives to be announced during the NBAA Maintenance Conference.