New training provides Airmen with hands-on casualty care skills

participants at TCCC

U.S. Air National Guard photos by Senior Airman Mercedee Wilds

The US Air Force’s 124th Medical Group (MDG) offered Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training to in preparation for the 124th Fighter Wing’s upcoming deployment

TCCC is replacing Self Aid Buddy Care training and will be required every three years. The new training is supposed to be more beneficial for deployers as they get to experience hands-on training giving them the skills of dealing with blast injuries, gunshot wounds or any other type of trauma.

Sgt Annelise Lane, a medic with the 124th MDG, said: “The TCCC training gives members a way to break down a combat situation when medical attention is needed and is designed for them to be able to treat the most preventable cause of death on the battle field.”

The training teaches the MARCH assessment – massive haemorrhages first, assess airways, respirations, circulation and head and hypothermia.

The 124th MDG set up five stations to break down each step of the MARCH assessment. In pairs, the trainees had to blindly head into a room where they were met with different obstacles to test their skills.

Airman Nathan Layne, Non-destructive Inspection Specialist, said: “I felt immense pressure, probably the most pressure I’ve ever felt in my life. It was fun, it was intense, and it was genius to incorporate so many hands-on opportunities into this class.”