Presenting Griflion H, MMC UAV’s latest hydrone

MMC UAV drone
MMC UAV's Griflion H. Photo: MMC UAV

Chinese drone manufacturing company MMC UAV has unveiled a new hydrogen-powered vertical take-off and landing drone – known as a hydrone – with a record-breaking flight time of up to 15 hours

The new hydrone Griflion H was unveiled mid-September during the InterGEO 2019 in Germany. Having already set the record for launching the world’s first hydrogen-powered multirotor drone back in 2016, MMC UAV now presents its latest record-setter: the Griflion H can fly 15 hours without payload, and 10 hours with a three-kilogram payload.

Thanks to its enhanced efficiency, including zero emissions, wide coverage and low noise, the new hydrone offers a variety of mission possibilities such as survey, mapping, SAR, security and forest scouting missions.