Public asked to move away from helipad in Chilliwack River Valley

Lindeman Lake is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Lindeman Lake is located in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. It is a popular hiking destination

Canadian-based Chilliwack Search and Rescue team (CSAR) has been forced to issue the public a safety warning following incidents of people loitering on their helipad at Lindeman Lake

“We do understand the Helipad at Lindeman Lake is in a prime location for camping and such, but its placement is due to many reasons in that canyon, namely for the machine and the loading and unloading of persons, subjects, and gear,” CSAR said in a Facebook post.

During the weekend of the 3 and 4 August, CSAR flew in to the lake to respond to calls only to find people perched on the helipad, which impedes the helicopter’s ability to land, the team’s ability to complete its mission, and poses a risk to the health and safety of the public stationed there.

“If you choose to use this location for your adventure and you hear a helicopter coming … please grab your belongings and hold them TIGHT, move far away from the pad, stay put, and shield yourself,” CSAR wrote. “Keep yourselves and your family members away from the helicopter at all times when it is turned on! And finally, standing on the helipad with your cell phone recording us hovering looking at you is not helping … thanks.”