UA unveils new ‘Fly by Sight’ developments at Heli-Expo


Universal Avionics (UA) is at HAI Heli-Expo debuting the latest developments in its ‘Fly by Sight’ concept

The concept brings together various flight deck technologies in an integrated way in order to promote more intuitive head-up operation during critical phases of flight.

It is designed to improve safety in low-visibility environments and mission operations.

The latest development is a new software-based Interactive FMS (i-FMS) navigation system.

The Fly by Sight concept was previewed at last year’s Heli-Expo, and this year the i-FMS navigation system is being unveiled. Dror Yahav, UA CEO, commented on the development: “We are continuing to develop and enhance our capabilities, bringing a fully functional demonstration to the show this year, featuring even more mission and life-saving operation capabilities – critical to EMS, law enforcement, and SAR operators,” he said. “Our latest update to the ‘Fly by Sight’ flight deck, the i-FMS, offers the latest in design flexibility, with a feature set that provides helicopter operators with advanced mission capabilities that are simplified, automated, and more intuitive – enhancing mission launch completion rates while maintaining the highest level of safety.”

For Heli-Expo attendees interested in demoing the ‘Fly by Sight’ cockpit solution, this can be done at UA’s booth 3408.