WinAir releases its range of maintenance schedule templates

Cl-145 fleet maintenance
CL-415 fleet maintenance at an aircraft hangar

Aviation management software provider WinAir has launched its range of maintenance schedule templates, which allow the user to monitor fleet maintenance and upgrades while adhering to industry standards and regulations of operational compliance

With an aircraft template, operators can apply the appropriate tasks and components when adding new aircraft to the system, and can use the same aircraft template again and again with the introduction of new aircraft of the same type into a company’s fleet. In this way, the maintenance schedule templates offer a cost-effective approach.

WinAir asserts that the templates provide a time-saving and efficient solutions for situations such as planned fleet expansion, where fleet maintenance needs to be managed. They also provide accuracy of data: “If an error is identified in an aircraft template, it only has to be updated once in that template for all changes to be made to the applicable aircraft,” said the company.

With an aircraft template, users are able to update information that will then apply to the entire series of aircraft associated with that template. What’s more, the templates also provide applicability capability, allowing the user to only apply changes to a particular aircraft tail number(s), or apply changes to all aircraft in the series if appropriate.

And finally, the templates enable the user to maintain compliance with ease. “Consider how monumental a task it would be to accurately manage maintenance schedules and maintain compliance for a fleet comprised of complex aircraft like the Viking Air CL-415, the Lockheed L-285D (the civilian variant of the P-3 Orion), or the Boeing 737-700 without an aircraft template,” stressed WinAir. “Updating information, while simultaneously ensuring compliance, would be a grandiose and tiresome task. A template, however, makes maintaining compliance simple.”