Zeusch Aviation launches in Spain

Zeusch Aviation
Since operations commenced on 10 July, Zeusch Aviation’s specially-outfitted King Air B200 has ferried more than 40 patients for medical treatment.

2019 marks the beginning of Netherlands-based Zeusch Aviation’s medevac operations in Spain. Since early July, the company has been providing air medical flights and patient transportation between Melilla and Malaga using its modified King Air B200

G-MEDZ, which has been configured in air ambulance format, is operating regular flights in partnership with IAS Medical, the UK-headquartered private air ambulance company, which holds the Air Operator Certificate on which the aircraft operates. Air ambulance services are being provided for the Spanish aviation organisation Eliance, which specialises in supporting air medical transportation, as well as search and rescue and firefighting services.

In its medevac configuration, the King Air B200 can carry one stretcher patient, or two sitting upright. The cabin is equipped with a Lifeport PLUS system, as well as a vacuum system, compressed air, a three-outlet 1,000-watts inverter (230VAC) and a 3,500-litre oxygen system with remote filling port. Patient care is administered by a local professional medical team during the 30-minute flight.

“Zeusch Aviation is proud to be part of this special operation, which is literally life-saving in some cases. These flights not only show the need for specialised equipment and well-trained personnel, but also highlights the capabilities of our King Air B200. Most importantly, it also demonstrates the importance of co-operation between entities to fulfil a specific mission,” said Zeusch Managing Director Herman van Kranenburg.  “This is enhancing our operational expertise and provides an excellent platform for expanding our medevac operations, which we anticipate will widen out across Europe over the next year.”

The first medevac flight took-off on 10 July 2019. Since launching, the aircraft has transported some 40 patients between Melilla and Malaga.