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Issue 88 - FEB / MARCH 2018 - PDF download

Military SAR special edition

RaeS conference preview:

What’s on the cards for April’s event

Industry Voice:

Brad Matheson, Priority1 Air Rescue

Feature: On the cutting edge

Medical equipment 2018

Provider Profile:

Italian Coast Guard


Lessons learned for the Royal Canadian Air Force

Issue 87 - DEC 2017 / JAN 2018 - PDF download

ITIC Global 2017

Barcelona conference report

Hurricane Harvey

Evacuating critically-ill neonates

Helijet Air Ambulance

Serving the citizens of British Columbia

Medevac advance in Ukraine

Armed conflict encourages development

The right stuff

What makes a fixed-wing air ambulance pilot?

Issue 86 - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017 - PDF download

USCG Advanced Helicopter Rescue School

Training with heavy seas and vertical cliffs

Malta air medical

Civil air rescue in the land of honey

Hurricane season 2017

Picking up the pieces in the Caribbean and US

Almost accredited

Conditional and provisional accreditation

Interview: Dr Ami Jones

Interim national director, the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service

Issue 85 - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2017 - PDF download

Oorah in the Golden State

Aerial firefighting Marines style

Making a DIFFerence

Integrating automatic firefighting for hospital helipads

New helos, new era

AW169s enter UK HEMS

Provider profile

Angel Flight, Australia

Kenya anniversary

AMREF Flying Doctors turns 60

Issue 84 - JUNE/JULY 2017 - PDF download

Police Aviation special edition

Start-up, stat!

Turbocharge your HEMS start times

Hoisting unconscious casualties

Best practice to minimise risk

HEMS relaunched in Belarus

Rebirth after post-Soviet decline

Provider profile

King’s County Sheriff’s Office Air Support Unit

New wings

Pressurised cabin for AMREF FD

Issue 83 - APRIL/MAY 2017 - PDF download

Survival stories

Sharing experiences to help healing and learning

Have an ice flight

Ice protection developments for light/medium helicopters

Mission simulation for HEMS medics

Bridging the gap from classroom learning to real-world practice

Docs onboard

Should helicopter air ambulance services be paramedic or physician-led?

Provider profile:

Queensland Government Air