Sky Power again partners with Mejzlik Propeller

One of Mejzlik Propeller's products being made. Credit: Sky Power

German UAS engine manufacturer Sky Power has announced that it is strengthening its collaboration with Mejzlik Propeller from the Czech Republic. Sky Power says that this is due to a growing number of inquiries concerning complete drive units for UAS.

“In past projects we were approached again and again by our customers for propeller recommendations. Since we develop complete drive units for our customers that are co-ordinated to the customer application, the requests on the part of the customers were understandable. Since we didn't want to set up our own propeller development department, we looked around for a partner who had the same understanding of quality as us,” said Karl Schudt, Managing Partner of Sky Power GmbH. “We had already worked well together in the past and were convinced of the quality of carbon fibre propellers.”

The propellers are made to perfectly match the Sky Power 2-stroke combustion and Wankel engines, and can be adapted in a variety of features, forms and designs for the customer’s specific needs.

“Our customers sometimes move sums running into millions in the air, if one counts the UAS and the payload together. Apart from this, in future flying over groups of people will become routine. Flying must therefore be absolutely safe. For this reason, the quality of the propeller must be given special attention, in order to ensure safe flying,” explained Jan Hruška, Business Development Manager at Mejzlik Propeller.

Another reason the collaboration works for both parties, says Sky Power, is the fact that Mejzlik Propeller is one of few companies that can provide the ‘propeller curves’ that are often required by customers. According to Schudt, the companies will continue to work together in the future: "In individual projects, we will fall back on the experience of our Czech colleagues very early on, if our customers also want to adopt this approach.”

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