C&L appoints Avionics Sales Manager

Charlie Carroll - C&L Avionics Sales Manager.

C&L Aviation Group (C&L), which provides servicing, maintenance and support to operators in the corporate and regional aviation industry, is looking to further market their products and services to customers and has thus appointed Charlie Carroll as the Avionics Sales Manager.

With over 35 years’ experience working in the industry, Carroll brings with him an extensive knowledge of avionics systems. He is highly skilled with electrical/avionics installations and has a vast knowledge of multiple systems such as autopilots, electronic flight instrument systems, EGPWS/TAWS, ADS-B, FANS-1A, TCAS, FMS, and integrated cabin management systems.

Headquartered in Bangor, Maine (US), with international offices in Australia, Singapore, and Europe, C&L is looking to further market their ADS-B solutions, Cabin Management Systems, Wi-Fi Connectivity, FANS-1A, (SBAS)-Flight Management Systems Cockpit Upgrades, Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications, and more to customers.

“Charlie is well known throughout the industry with a reputation for helping customers meet their avionics needs,” said Chris Kilgour, CEO of C&L Aviation Group. “C&L provides robust avionics solutions for our customers through our many dealerships, for cockpits within the retrofit market, as well as the up and coming FAA mandates for ADS-B, FANS-1A, and other offerings. Charlie will be instrumental in providing the right solution for each customer.”

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