Almost 100,000 hectares of forest fires put out in Russia in 24 hours

On 16 July, the Russian Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCOM) reported that 71 fires covering a total square of more than 96,000 hectares had been put out by a number of agencies and services over the previous 24 hours. Over 7,000 personnel were involved in the protection of settlements and businesses against fires, monitoring forest fires and in firefighting operations, said EMERCOM.

Sixty-four aircraft, including four of the Ministry’s Mil Mi-8 helicopters, were used to regroup forces and monitor the situation in the Pribaikalsky and Kabansk District in Buryatia, Kobyask District in Sakha, and Krasny Chikoi District in Transbaikalian Territory. UAVs were also deployed, said EMERCOM.

In one mission, an EMERCOM Mil Mi-8 helicopter prevented the spread of fire to the settlement of Batamai, Kobyaisk District, which has a population of 218 people.

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