New partnership for civilian medevac in Afghanistan

(left to right) Brandon Reed, vice-president of global medevac operations at TMH Medical Services and Tertius van Jaarsveld, CEO of FlyAwesome (Awesome Air Evac)
Brandon Reed (centre) and the TMH Kabul and Dubai team, pictured after completion of the first air ambulance mission (Awesome Air Evac)

Awesome Air Evac, Diplomat Freight Services and TMH Medical Services have announced that they have joined forces to provide an air ambulance service based in Kabul, Afghanistan. The companies said the team brings years of experience in aeromedical evacuations, transport logistics, and medical support operations in hot and hostile territories to the sector.

A Beech 1900D aircraft, operated by specialist operator FlyAwesome, is permanently based in Kabul to service domestic and international requirements, said Awesome Air Evac. The plane has been fitted with a Med-Pac 400 Aerosled and features a stand-up cabin.

The firms said the first air ambulance mission out of Afghanistan was successfully completed on the 13 November, with the patient being moved to Dubai.

Brandon Reed, vice-president of global medevac operations at TMH Medical Services, said: “I am pleased that three industry leaders have been able to come together to provide our clients with a faster, more cost-effective solution to patient air transport needs. It’s taken quite a bit of planning, but ultimately it’s the patients who will benefit greatest. That’s what’s most important to me.”

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