What people are saying

“Congrats on the mag – ­ one of the better publications."” www.austheli.com

Steve Nelson, operations manager ­- Australian Helicopters

“Having followed Waypoint Airmed since its launch, my colleagues and I have come to find that it is an invaluable source of who is doing what and where in the Air Medical field, by giving a truly international perspective on the industry. It's also nice to see that it includes our colleagues in Fire and Law Enforcement, all in one well presented publication” www.abudhabiaviation.com

Eddie Callachan, Flight Paramedic – ADA/UAE Air Force SAR Air Medical Program

“Following an excellent launch period, Waypoint has succeeded in positioning itself as an indispensable reference magazine for the air medical and rescue industry. The editorial team has its finger on the pulse of the industry by reporting from all over the world with truly informative articles.
I also appreciate the fact that Waypoint is now a monthly publication, so I don’t have to wait so long for the next issue!
I am also really looking forward to Waypoint AirMed & Rescue 2010 in Oxford.
All the best for many years to come.” EAA

Patrick Schomaker, Director - Sales & Marketing - European Air Ambulance (EAA)

“One of my colleagues just received the print version and we were all very impressed! We were impressed with the equal hand for global coverage, as opposed to the more typical 'UK only' or 'US only' focus we see. And the production quality is really fabulous.” National Interop Inc

David Billstrom, CEO - National Interop Inc.

“Thank you for my first issue of Waypoint AirMed & Rescue. I see it fulfilling a much needed role of drawing a lot of information together in the same place, and providing up-to-date news on the emergency aviation sector, something up to now missing from the international magazines we receive from the worlds press.” EAA

Lyn Paver, chief executive - Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust

“As soon as ITIJ arrives, I open it at the Air Ambulance pages. Having a dedicated magazine – with the same high standards of content, quality and up to date information as ITIJ– dedicated to just Air Ambulance & search & rescue activities, is both compulsory reading and offers professional air ambulance companies the forum to discuss new issues; debate future challenges and communicate with their professional colleagues to stimulate the industry and generate new ideas! Looking forward to the next issue!” AMREF

Sean Culligan, Operations Director - AMREF

“I am working with the Abu Dhabi Air Wing, and to have police,
air ambulance and military articles in the one place makes it an
excellent general reference. The topics are written by those with current working knowledge of the way things are done across
the globe, and I find that really useful as apart from UAE nationals I am training with air crews from Europe, the USA and Asia.” JM AirCrew Training

James Martin, Owner - JM AirCrew Training