Spaes Aviation

SPAES GmbH & Co. KG is a company in the aviation sector. Specialized in air rescue and tactical mission equipment, the portfolio includes products and services, but also the development and certification of equipment, own products and systems as well as their integration and certification in the aircraft. These are certified in accordance with European aviation norms and standards.

As an independent EASA Part 21J Design Organization SPAES offers the execution of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Minor Change and Minor Repair for the areas of avionics, cabin, structure, electrical systems, night vision imaging systems and medical equipment.

In its own EASA Part 21G Production Organization SPAES manufactures customer specific and own products as well as installation KITs with EASA Form 1, which are installed in the aircraft by Part 145 companies.

Joachim Schanz, Managing Director SPAES GmbH & Co. KG, founded the company in Mannheim in 2014. In 2019 the headquarters was moved from Mannheim to Karlsruhe.