ADAC Luftrettung has put new security measures in place amid Covid-19

ADAC Luftrettung helicopter

Photo by ADAC Luftrettung

German rescue service ADAC Luftrettung has put strict security measures in place during the coronavirus pandemic

To make sure air rescue is possible even during a global pandemic, ADAC has put new rules in place. The rules include that only crew members are allowed near ADAC stations and everyone needs to keep a distance of at least two meters. After each mission, the helicopters are disinfected. To avoid crew members having to stay home to take care of their children, ADAC is offering free childcare.

So far, two Covid-19 patients have been transported by an ADAC helicopter: the crews of the Christoph 77 helicopter transported the patients from Metz in Austria to Homburg in Germany.

“We are here. As fast and as safe as before,” said Frederic Bruder, Executive Director at ADAC.

However, it is not yet clear how the pandemic will develop in the future. ADAC has prepared for an escalated situation by getting two new helicopters.

“We are doing everything to be able to still fulfill our assignment of saving lives and keeping our crews safe from catching the virus”, said Bruder.

Dr Matthias Ruppert, Head of Air Rescue at ADAC, said: “Our helicopters have already been equipped for the transport of highly contagious patients, even before Covid-19. We are prepared for this.”