Aero Dienst is calling for solidarity amidst Covid-19

Aero Dienst

Poto by Aero Dienst

Aviation company Aero Dienst is determined to survive the coronavirus pandemic and called for solidarity among the aviation industry to overcome the crisis together

The company is prepared to be hit financially after the crisis, but added that it will survive if everyone works together.

Victor Peters, CEO at Aero Dienst, said in a statement: “Financially, Corona will hit us very hard, no doubt. As an aircraft owner, operator and maintenance facility we face many of the current challenges in our industry. This week our ambulance jets are still bringing those in need back home from Thailand, Turkey, Spain… under exceptional circumstances… while movements of our executive fleet become increasingly domestic constrained by the imposed travel restrictions.

“While giant airlines will suffer and survive, Corona is likely to leave deep scars on our niche infrastructure. Now is not the time for marketing hangar space unless you can offer it for free. Now is time for being fair and honest while trying to help each other to reduce cost as much as possible to avoid dismissal of employees and structural divestments.”

Aero Dienst thanked its employees and offered support to customers and partners. In a statement, it said that although the company has weathered many storms, this crisis will be different and leave a lasting impact.  The statement closed calling for support within the industry: “Aircraft owners, OEMs, operators, FBOs and all suppliers – this is the time for solidarity.”