Aero Dynamix products available through Dallas Avionics

aircraft edge lit panel aero dynamix

Aero Dynamix's aircraft edge lit panel

Dallas Avionics, Inc., is to distribute Aero Dynamix products

“Formalizing this agreement is a real fit for our company,” said Dallas Avionics sales executive Kenny Hall.  “We have a lot of mutual customers and have worked together to help operators all over the world. With our extensive distribution network, product lines and Aero Dynamix existing relations, we know we will continue to be able to help our combined customer base with innovative new solutions.”

Aero Dynamix is a leading provider of NVG cockpit modifications, instrument panels, and overlays.  Tonka Hufford serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Aero Dynamix. “For 25 years we have provided the highest quality night vision solutions for our customers and Dallas Avionics has provided communications, public address systems and so many other essential products for more than 40 years,” said Hufford. “Working together just makes sense.”

Dallas Avionics and Aero Dynamix are both located in the Dallas Metroplex and within minutes of each other. Hall will serve as the program manager on all Aero Dynamix products sold through Dallas Avionics.

“We have customers that we supply night vision lighting modifications for and have often found that they may also need other products that Dallas Avionics offers.  It is a convenience for our clients to have other new equipment installed when we provide a NVG modification or certification,” said Hufford.

“We have sales team members that are in the field servicing radios, updating software, and overseeing installations.  Some customers need new equipment that is NVG compliant or they desire to become NVG certified and Aero Dynamix can also help us with that,” added Hall.

Dallas Avionics and Aero Dynamix have worked informally together for numerous years.  This new agreement empowers the two companies to cross-promote and cross-sell for each other and provide the end user with the best of both worlds.