AirMed upgrades its international fleet

AirMed Challenger 601
AirMed's Challenger 601 aircraft

The AirMed International team – which provides air medical transportation services to patients in Hawaii, Guam and the Asia-Pacific region – has, this week, announced the addition of new aircraft to its fleet – a Challenger 601 and a Hawker 800A

To date, the Challenger 601 is the largest aircraft in the AirMed fleet and will also be the first Challenger 601 to be permanently dedicated to fixed-wing patient transports in the US.

Based in Sacramento, California, the Challenger 601 will allow AirMed to provide non-stop flights across the country, and minimal stops for international patient transportation. This long-range aircraft is ideal for medically complex patients, including neonatal and bariatric patients.

AirMed’s new Hawker, equipped with the latest avionic technology and able to transport two patients alongside four medical personnel (and up to three passengers), will be based out of Birmingham, Alabama. It will complement the two existing Hawker 800 aircraft in the AirMed fleet and fall under the company’s worldwide ops specs, allowing it to move patients from any location on the globe.

AirMed commented: “The team at AirMed is extremely excited to be welcoming these two new aircraft into our fleet and can’t wait to see them up and flying for your patients in their time of need.”

AirMed's Hawker 800A aircraft
AirMed's Hawker 800A aircraft