ARCH 3 air medical base integrates blood onboard its aircraft

Air Methods Bell 407
A patient is loaded into an Air Method's Bell 407 helicopter. Image: Air Methods

Air Methods, an air medical service provider based in the US, has announced that its ARCH Air Medical base (known as ARCH 3) will now begin carrying blood and plasma onboard its missions

The latest development, which will see ARCH 3’s Bell 407 helicopter and the rest of the Air Methods’ non-hospital fleet kitted out with blood and plasma, will mean that patients have improved access to critical care. Blood transfusions are vital in cases where patients have been involved in traumatic injuries, and so the ability to perform prehospital blood and plasma transfusions results in better patient outcomes.

“Carrying blood and plasma on our missions to better care for our patient community was always a goal of ARCH 3, but this precious commodity was unfortunately unavailable to us,” said ARCH 3 Manager Kristin Ezell. “By partnering with the American Red Cross to ensure a consistent flow of blood and plasma has afforded us this opportunity to deliver higher-quality, evidence-based emergency medical care on our missions, and it is a privilege we do not take lightly.”

Elsewhere, the company is also investing $100 million over 10 years to ensure that Air Methods pilots are prepared for the most challenging safety scenarios. With each helicopter equipped with state-of-the-art intensive care equipment, pilot safety equipment, and now blood and plasma, it is crucial that pilots are able to transport their patients and crew to the hospitals quickly and safely.

“We are honoured to be able to deliver critical blood transfusions when needed and are enormously grateful to the American Red Cross for helping us protect the communities we serve,” concluded Ezell.