Metro to purchase five SH09 helicopters

Kopter's SH09
Kopter's SH09

Metro Aviation and Kopter have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that formally records Metro’s intent to purchase five SH09 helicopters, following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification

Metro explained that it chose the SH09 helicopter due to its ‘twin-engine cabin volume for a single-engine price tag and low operating costs’. “It made sense for us to move forward with the MOA expressing our intent to purchase at this time,” said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry.

Both Metro and Kopter worked on the design of aircraft’s interior and collaboratively showcased the new designs at several helicopter exhibitions in North America.

“We have become more familiar with the SH09 concept and we've worked in conjunction with Kopter to develop interiors for EMS, airborne law enforcement and tour operations, which Metro has rolled out to the industry in the last two years,” Stanberry commented.

This new contract brings the total number of orders for the SH09 to 70 units, to which another 100 letters of intent are to be added.