Production complete on Thales H145 FFS

H145 Sim

H145 Simulator from Thales

Thales has completed the production of a new H145 Level D Full Flight Simulator that will be installed in the Helisim Simulation Center now under construction at the headquarters of Airbus Helicopters Inc. in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Upon completion of factory acceptance testing, the simulator is now going to be disassembled for shipment to Texas. Simulation center construction, installation of the H145 simulator, and Federal Aviation Administration certification are expected to be completed in Q2 2020.

HELISIM is a Joint Venture between Airbus Helicopters, Thales and DCI providing high-end simulation training services for pilots. HELISIM is the main simulation center for Airbus Helicopters platforms, operating 24/7 with over 150,000 cumulated flight hours, since its creation in 2000, and over 2,600 pilots trained every year. HELISIM LLC is the U.S. based HELISIM subsidiary.