SKYTRAC and GigSky announce aviation communication deal

SKYTRAC and GigSky announce aviation communication deal

SKYTRAC Systems Ltd. and GigSky Inc. have launched a partnership that the companies say is ‘set to deliver highly available mission-critical data to the aviation industry through global high-speed cellular connectivity’

. SKYTRAC will add GigSky cellular connectivity in 200+ countries to their DAL-200 onboard communications server to deliver a seamless solution adding to longstanding satellite and WiFi connectivity capabilities.

Simplifying the sourcing and integrating of multiple connectivity, hardware, and software solutions from various vendors worldwide, SKYTRAC customers can now receive access to connected services anywhere, anytime, in the air or on the ground.

SKYTRAC users can expect to leverage downloading of FDM/FOQA and HUMS data, automatic updates to Electronic Flight Bags with flight plans and charts, weather to the cockpit services, VIP cabin connectivity, medical data transfers, and much more.

The DAL-200 will provide connectivity to WiFi enabled devices in the cockpit and in the cabin leading to streamlined deployment of services to the flight crew. This connectivity will automate previously manual processes while generating operational efficiencies and enhancements to customer service. The SKYTRAC cellular data solution powered by GigSky is available today as an integrated service on the DAL-200.

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Industry comment

"SKYTRAC chose GigSky to implement cellular data service on the DAL-200 given their experience in the aviation community and the investments they have made in deploying mission-critical mobile data networks for airlines across the world. By leveraging multiple roaming networks and redundant data centers, they offer a hardened telco infrastructure our clients can trust. We look forward to continue working with them as we roll out integrated solutions to our growing customer base," said Jan van der Heul, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SKYTRAC.

GigSky, a provider of cellular connectivity and eSIM solutions for consumers, businesses, and manufacturers, has quickly become a global leader in multi-meshed carrier networks.

"Throughout our history, we have focused on bringing innovation to the mobile communications industry. We see the connected aircraft as the next big advance in efficiency and safety within aviation. Our history of delivering EFB data solutions to the global aviation industry and now, our partnership with SKYTRAC, has driven us to develop a cellular data network with a keen focus on service quality and collaboration. We are excited about the future of our partnership. We see SKYTRAC as a thought leader in deploying applications of always-connected services which we expect to continue to grow at an exponential rate," said Vikas Chand, Vice President of Sales at GigSky Inc.