TracPlus and IQonboard develop real-time reporting technology

The sofrware can automate the weights onboard, calculate total payload and communicate back to ground dispatch in real-time

New Zealand-headquartered TracPlus and Canadian-based IQonboard have collaborated to provide a real-time reporting technology and software solution that pilots and ground operations can use to keep track of crew, passengers, cargo, and assets while automating the load manifest reporting process

Pilots can instantly see the passenger manifest and total payload prior to departure via the mobile app. TracPlus satellite communication systems enable IQonboard load manifests to be shared with ground operations in real-time, with global coverage. And this effects improved safety and operational efficiency for all.

“Real-time visibility to ground operations is one of our key value propositions, and our integration with TracPlus allows us to deliver on this promise, anywhere, anytime,” Vincent Hoog, CEO of IQonboard commented.

“This capability is a natural outcome of our Globally Connected Cockpit philosophy,” said Chris Hinch, Chief Innovation Officer of TracPlus. “We are passionate about working with other companies to deliver innovative and effective solutions like this. We believe that better mission intelligence drives better mission outcomes – and knowing exactly who and what equipment is on board an aircraft every time it takes off will be a game changer for our customers around the world. This technology opens up many doors – not only for TracPlus, but also for our other partners, such as moving map providers who will be able to automatically populate weight and balance calculations or flight plans, which is very exciting.”